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Ship, Check or Rental Golf Clubs


When considering a golf vacation one of the biggest questions for golfers is: ship your golf clubs, check your golf bag at the airport or take a chance on the rental golf equipment at the golf course. Having options is good, but depending on your golf vacation budget and preference making a decision should be easy. If you still can’t decide, let The Glens Golf Group help you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Option 1: Check your golf bag at the airport.


  1. You have immediate access to your golf bag after you reach your final destination;
  2. You can enjoy your golf vacation by playing with your own clubs;
  3. You can go straight from the airport to the course.


  1. It’s expense! Spending an extra $100 or more to check your golf bag each way – think oversized and overweight;
  2. It’s heavy! You will have to lug your golf bag around until you are able to check in at the airport and another item to worry about;
  3. It might get lost! There is a possibility the airlines will lose your luggage, including your golf bag – there goes your first round of golf.

Option 2: Ship your golf bag.


  1. Easy! Drop your golf bag off at FedEx or UPS, watch them pack it, tell them the details of where and when you need them shipped and they take care of the rest;
  2. Affordable! A safer and more affordable way to have your clubs with you on your golf vacation;
  3. Have your golf bag waiting for you at your hotel for when you arrive.


  1. Another Expense! It might be cheaper than checking your bag, but it’s still another expense you have to take into consideration;
  2. You loose sight of your golf bag and hope they don’t get lost or stolen;
  3. Rent a bigger rental car to fit and store your extra golf bag along with your buddies’ bags.

Option 3: Rental Clubs


  1. Incentives! The Glens Golf Group offers golfers top brand-name rental clubs during your golf vacation, including: Taylor Made, Callaway and Wilson, PLUS golfers will receive a new golf glove, Nike golf balls and free range balls;
  2. Worry Free! You don’t have to worry about packing, carrying or the hassles of checking or shipping your golf clubs. Plus, The Glens Group offers left and right handed clubs for men and women;
  3. The most affordable option! Use the extra money you saved by renting clubs and utilize it by spending it on something fun!


  1. You aren’t playing with your own clubs so it might take a few practice swings to get used to the rental clubs;
  2. Responsibility! Renting clubs during your golf vacation might add an extra responsibility on you by making sure you don’t break or toss a club in anger;
  3. Expect a few jabs from your buddies.

To learn more about The Glens Golf Group’s rental club options and pricing, call 888-999-9520.

Posted on March 30, 2015  

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